Normally, vehicles used for military manoeuvres such as the VAMTAC or the LMV are short on interior capacity due to their robust structures and the materials from which they are made, however the soldiers that travel in them also need space for a number of indispensable items for battlefield manoeuvres.
Bearing this in mind, it is vital to make best use of the small space available in the most compact and convenient way possible, ensuring that passengers are comfortable giving them improved operability and access to their personal equipment.

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As a result, EB Military has designed seat covers for their VAMTAC (MB10.032) and MLV (MB10.033) military vehicles made of highly resistant materials and with fire retardant features, which are extremely user friendly.
Each of these covers is provided with a number of MOLLE straps on the seat back in order to attach all kinds of combat items needed in combat in an easy and practical manner, such as: laptop computers, GPS systems, personal First Aid kits among others.
As a result, Military Vehicles can be effectively used as small operations centres and can be equipped according to the needs of each unit.

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