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Military 2024


Tactical military holster

SKU: MB10.026 Categories: ,
Weight (approx) 55 kg
Dimensions (approx) 75 × 13 × 19 cm




Capacity (Liters) (approx)


Pictures are only for reference. Colours may vary.

Bearing in mind the needs of the sector, and having made a careful study of textile holsters and their requirements, Elite Bags has designed the new TACTICAL MILITARY HOLSTER which is remarkable for the way it adapts to any type of pistol on the market.Carefully designed to hold all kinds of gun model even when they are coupled to a torch, laser and/or silencer. It is UNIVERSAL.
This versatile device can be used by both left and right handed users.
The new EB Military exclusive holster can be fastened in various positions, either on the thigh (thanks to its non-slip attachment straps) or directly at the waist (thanks to its two vertical straps) which affix it safely by means of a triangular hooking system.
It has a quick release action which doubles as a triple safety system.

Left and right handed users.
Universal (it holds Llama, Usp & Five Seven).
Allows to holster the gun with any type of built-in laser or/and torch (LAM300, LAM360, M3X, M6X).
Allows holster the gun with the silencer.
Quick release system.
Second velcro strap to secure the gun.
Extra opcional strap to secure the gun in special scenarios (parachuting, helicopters, boats, forests…)
MOLLE system so that it can be fastened to any device worn by the combatant.
It can be fastened to the belt, with quick release system.

SKU: MB10.026 Categories: ,
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