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Tactical capaign backpack for special operations OD Green

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Weight (approx) 483 kg
Dimensions (approx) 36 × 56 × 75 cm




Capacity (Liters) (approx)


Pictures are only for reference. Colours may vary.

NOC: 8465-33-2086124

Normally when members of the armed forces or any other special operations group are in action, they will find themselves in various conflict scenarios, and will be required to cope not only with specific geographical conditions (high mountains, plains, forests etc) but they will also be affected by different climatic conditions, including snow, rain, intense heat and sandstorms. As a result, combatants need to be specially prepared and equipped so that they can change their uniform or use different accessories depending on the various scenarios arising during the course of their military duties.

It is therefore logical that the items used to carry such materials (backpacks) will need to be roomy, ergonomic, comfortable, modular, and above all safe. With these requirements in mind, Elite Bags Military has created the Tactical Campaign Special Operations Backpack EB1008.

It has a unique Rapid Release system (patented by EB) which enables combatants to release the backpack’s weight in seconds without losing their combat belt or their ability for defence and attack. This makes the EB1008, which is exclusive to EBMilitary, the ideal tool for carrying 21st century tactical combat materials.


  • Height adjustable belt with a rapid release system for swift detachment from the backpack.
  • Back panel comprising 13 horizontal belts which allow the backpack to be adapted to the height of different users.
  • Chest belt with buckle closure, height adjustable. Carrying handle. Two lower plastic buckles, designed for rapid recovery of the backpack straps having applied a rapid release system.
  • Chest belt with buckle type closure, height adjustable.
  • Double opening system of the bag.


  • Pocket for holding a mat.
  • Two aluminium bars which ensure correct curvature of the backpack along the user’s back.
  • Two holes on the top of the tanca closing system through which the radio aerials can be passed.


  1. Two modular side pockets with MOLLE straps and an interlocking zip system that permits pockets to be joined. Adjustable back rack with a chest belt to configure the compact two part backpack. 19 x 35 x 14 cm – V: 18.6 L
  2. Multi-position front compartment with a MOLLE fastener.
  3. Padded, ergonomic and breathable backpack straps with gripping straps for resting the load.
  4. Main body of the bag covered with MOLLE straps.
  5. Top pocket in the hood part with straps for holding crampons.
  6. Upper and lower side straps designed to hold skis and poles or sticks.
  7. Upper part of the ice pick holder.
  8. Lower part of the ice pick holder.
  9. Quick Release system puller.
  10. Detail showing how the belt is fastened to the backpack.
  11. Backpack cover stored in the base. Lower straps for attaching a mat or sleeping bag.
  12. Multiple buckle safety closure systems for ensuring load stability and resistance.
  13. Backpack cover stored in the base. Lower straps for attaching a mat or sleeping bag.
  14. Multiple buckle safety closure systems for ensuring load stability and resistance.
  15. Air Tight Bag and Tubular webbing Strap included. Resistance of the strap 17KN +/- 1736Kg.
  16. Also includes a cord and a snap ring. Cord: 0.5 cm diameter, 625 cm length. Snap Ring: 6 x 3.4 x 0.5 cm.
SKU: MB10.002 Category:
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