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Ballistic Equipment Holder Combat Vest

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Pictures are only for reference. Colours may vary.



S-M: 8470-33-210-3576

L-XL: 8470-33-210-3577

Chaleco con Protección.

S-M: 8415-33-210-3599

L-XL: 8415-33-210-3600

Elite Bags Military, the leading military equipment investigation and development brand, has expanded its product range to include its new Bulletproof Combat Equipment Carrier Vest (Ref. MB10.040), a light, multi-function vest that offers mobility and protection with the MOLLE modular system. It’s the optimum equipment for combat operations.

This exclusive vest features the innovative, coated steel four-point Quick Release System, designed to meet the specific needs of special air, ground and sea transport, SWAT units and others, guaranteeing instant release and minimising margins of error in emergency situations.

The multi-layer construction offers fighters numerous configurations, making it easy to change security levels, converting the garment from a combat equipment carrier with no ballistic protection to a bulletproof vest with soft Level III-A protection level panels or even a Level III bulletproof vest with back and chest protection.

In terms of technical characteristics, the MB10.040 is a superb quality piece of equipment. It is constructed in 650 denier nylon 6.6 Cordula with nylon straps and thread and highly secure Velcro fastenings with internal mesh areas for superior breathability and ergonomics. The “Coyote Tan” colour is versatile in terms of camouflage and adapts to any terrain and situation.

The main body has MOLLE loops giving soldiers maximum versatility for organising their kit. The vest can also be used with a wide range of custom-made pouches manufactured by Elite Bags and designed for the different mags on the market.

The Velcro closure system means that the system is highly adaptable to the soldier’s body, giving it great ergonomic possibilities. Tapes are quick to position and close efficiently and safely. Both frontal flaps have safety closures for greater solidity and compaction of theensemble.


This new product can also be combined with a ballistic belt that helps to increase the user´s protection level thanks to the III-A soft panels. The belt also has a safety ring for emergency fastening. Test performed according to UNE-EN 358:1999 and fulfilling all parts where static and dynamic resistance where determined.


  1. 9 mm USP.
  2. Granade 40 mm.
  3. Hand granade.
  4. Documents.
  5. G-36 / AK 47.
  6. G-36 / AK 47.
  7. P-90.
  8. Radio.
  9. Multipurpose lateral.
  10. Multipurpose vertical.
  11. Hydro bag system.
  12. Multipurpose horizontal.
SKU: MB10.040 Category:
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